DMOST and Advance Directives

Does a DMOST form replace the Advance Directive?


The DMOST form complements the Advance Directive and is not intended to replace it. An Advance Directive is necessary to appoint a legal health care representative and provide instructions for future life-sustaining treatments. The Advance Directive is recommended for all adults, regardless of their health status.
A DMOST form should accompany an Advance Directive when appropriate. For more information go to:

DMOST Frequently Asked Questions: English Spanish

Delaware Advance Directive: English Spanish

What are the primary differences between an Advance Directive and a DMOST form?

Advance Directive vs. DMOST

 Advance DirectiveDMOST
Who has one?Anyone over 18People with less than 1 year to live
Where is it stored?With other legal documentsIn a pink envelope, kept with the patient at all times
What is it for?Future careCurrent care
Form isA legal document: must be translated to medical orders before it can be honoredMedical Orders: honored in all medical institutions, clinics, ambulances, etc. in the state of Delaware
Can it be changed?Yes – with a lawyerYes – with a physician
Authorized RepresentativeCannot change anythingMay make changes if patient has lost capacity

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